I just thought that I'd share with you the fact that my Github education discount has now almost run out, as a result I would have to pay to keep my repositories private, or migrate them somewhere else. I've made the decision that instead of either of these as I haven't made any progress on them to the amount that I thought I might I'm opening them up for people to see. These include my Final Year Project, TeachReach, and the work I did for the University of Reading as a student during the summer for gathering survey results for the effectiveness of Keyphrase analysis algorithms. The resulting work has since been published in this Paper.

TeachReach is what I decided to call my final year project during the time I was working on it as it was a little nicer than always referring to it as my FYP. I did make a start on a fresh version of it as I realised that I was not following correct practices for a rather large portion of it. Since starting work at Conjure I've furthered my experience in Ruby on Rails, and the Android platform. Once I find the time and motivation I hope to turn TeachReach into something a bit more real, possibly hosting it on Heroku to see how it all pans out. The brunt of the work for the Final Year Project was designing the system. The actual implementation that I achieved was not quite to the standard I would want for a public release, so I hope to better this, and it should hopefully be relatively quick to make now that the harder work is already finished.