Being a student studying computer science I regularly use a variety of software packages to get the job done. One of the powerful tools in the first year of university was Visual Studio. But I was aware that not many students were informed where they could download this software, the simple answer is through Dreamspark ( This is a portal to free software for all students at participating Universities. You can grab a lot of useful tools here, in particular for a competition for a Nokia Lumia 800.

The Windows Phone Incentive scheme this year has started. The idea is that students who are eligible dream big, and create useful and beautiful applications for the Windows Phone 7 market place with a chance to grab one of the shiny new Windows Phone 7 devices, and win a trip to the Microsoft Technology Centre here in the U.K. You can find further details at

Now that the University of Reading has had it's Phone Camp event day from Microsoft and three lucky people were rewarded with a brand new Nokia Lumia 800, maybe those folks will still give creating an app a try!