I recently hit half a milestone in my project of getting the server (Content management system) communicating with the Android application, which then parses the result, and stores it on a SQLite database for persistant data - it's expected that the application may be used in areas of little, or no, signal at times and so data needn't be retrieved live on each use, but it should manage with data that has already been downloaded.

Here are a couple of videos demonstrating the capability of the application.

This video demonstrates the navigation and menu system of the application. The controls for the main menu screen are populated from the database on-the-fly. This data is also stored between application launches, in order to expedite the learning experience on the device - I believe that someone is likely to dip in and out of this application to study a particular topic, which I've defined as a 'Part' of a 'Programme', which is part of a 'Course'.

The navigation system between the questions has changed slightly to be more touch screen and user friendly based on some feedback from my supervisor I am now aware at how little the menu button is actually pressed or utilised in applications. So on-screen touch-interactive buttons have been used instead to make the application flow more fitting. This also removes the ability to back track (and change answers). It also reflects on Google's own application which is similar to this.

This next video demonstrates the speed and user feedback for updating the application's main menu. It took me a while to realise that calling .start() on a thread rather than .run() would allow for a more responsive user interface.

I then demonstrate how the device handles issues connecting to the web server. I do this by killing the rails server running on my machine.

I'm trying to make sure the feedback is multi-lingual along with the rest of the app. After a bit of re-shuffling I've been able to once again access the Resources Java file and do this, whereas before, due to where it was, I was unable to do so.

Feedback is appreciated and valuable to me at this stage - as you can see it's still not finished, but I don't believe it's far off now!