So you want to make an app. You have a blog. But you don't know how to code, or don't have time. Not a problem, you just need a touch of artistic flare and some patience with a computer drawing tool and you can have your own app done in minutes!

There's a site out there which will handle all the code for you. You provide details on the design you want the app to follow, and it will handle the rest. FollowMyFeed. How to go about that is explained quite clearly on the site, so check it out!

What do I need?
Essentially you just need some pictures to get you started.

Splash screen - 480 x 800
This is the screen a user will see when your app is loading on their phone.

Tile Icon - 173 x 173
This is the icon that your app will use while it is pinned to the home screen.

Icon - 62 x 62
This is the icon used in the apps list (swipe to the right of the live tiles).

Icon - 200 x 200
This icon is used by the publishing portal, for desktop displays.

Icon - 99 x 99
Again, not used in the phone but more for marketing purposes.

Screenshot - 480 x 800
This should be a screenshot of the actual application running.

Now that you've made your application you can download a XAP file of it, and it will remain saved on the web interface. But how do you get that screenshot, and play with it?

First up, you need to grab the free developer tools online available here.

Once these have been installed you can run your app, and create others. To run it, you need to navigate to:
C:/Program Files/Microsoft SDKs/Windows Phone/Tools/XAP Launcher/XAP Launcher.exe

When you run this, you can browse to your XAP file, and load it into either an emulator, or straight onto a developer unlocked phone. The emulator had a tool to take a screenshot of the device - saving any hassle with cropping, or using a snipping tool.

Get registered with the marketplace, and publish your app!