Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to WAGGGS offices in London to discuss my Final Year Project with some of the stakeholders. I don't go to London very often but I got the right bus.

The discussion raised some interesting issues and ideas for the application as well as giving me the opportunity to explain how I believe the app would be used. I had produced a prototype application for them to see and it demonstrated each of the question types: Multiple Choice, True/False, Fill-in-the-blanks, Ordering, Opinion scale(slider).

They're keen to provide any information I need in order to create a tailored solution for them.

I also believe that the server at least would be open source-able and I intend to release an unbranded android application.

So that you are aware of how it currently looks I have embedded a video below:

I'm planning on making it more touch screen oriented with gestures between questions instead of button presses. I'm informed that Menu button presses on Android devices are few and far between. However, for the purposes of the demo I wanted something quick and simple to implement.

To give you an idea on the scale reach of the project here's a view from the meeting window: