Recently I found out that I've been selected as a Technical Microsoft Student Partner at the University of Reading, along with Dan Rodgers (@dansgalaxy) - I'm unaware of others at the University at the moment.

This year's activities kicked of to a stunning start at the Live Meeting yesterday! Complete with @bennuk wearing a fez and making continual geeky references, and announcement gongs from a new member of the Microsoft UK Students team @joannatonguk!

It's great to see that the team really seem to have listened to what MSPs had to say last year, and as a result this year the MSP Scheme looks to be the best yet! Complete with expanding on our UK MSP Meetup idea last year by announcing an annual MSP Summit packed full of events and talks!

MSPs have access to a brand new online portal. The portal is now in tune with the Metro design and is complete with Office 365, and a new social tab which allows them to communicate with other MSPs right across the world. Other benefits to this year's MSPs include a full MSDN subscription, a hardware pack, copies of Office 2010 and Office for Mac 2011, and last but by no means least - a brand new Windows Phone 7 device!

"Who is your daddy and what does he do?"
MSPs are student representatives of Microsoft to provide students on campus a point of contact with Microsoft. You can ask an MSP about Microsoft Technologies, ask them how to get free developer tools from Microsoft via Dreamspark, or just have a chat - they're happy to help!

How do I apply?
Simply follow the link from the image bellow to and apply! You'll need to submit a short video to introduce yourself and why you should be an MSP.

If the MSP Scheme doesn't sound quite right for you you can follow Microsoft UK Students on twitter, or like their Facebook page and get involved!

It's looking to be a great year for MSPs. I'm really excited to be a part of it, and if you're interested in joining a Mobile Development Society at the University of Reading, please head on over to our Facebook group and give it a like so we can kick it off this year! I have some exciting things planned in relation to Windows Phone 7 development as it's so easy to get started!