A few weeks ago I was working on the beta signup page for Mixer. It waas released a little while ago, but in case you hadn't heard of it yet I thought you'd like to know what I've been up to!

Utilising CSS3, animations, and HTML5 with AJAX I was able to recreate the design made by fellow digital magicians at Conjure.

I particularly like the orange dude/mascot!
So what is Mixer?
Mixer is a new and exciting way to make the most of people around you. A list of 150 people in your area will be included in your Mix, which gets updated as people join in your area. You can keep people in your Mix, or swap them out for others! Who knows who you'll make the most of in your area, you decide!

Still here?
Why not sign up to the beta today at http://getmixer.com and get Mixing later this year!