I'm very pleased to announce joining the Conjure team in their shiny new offices in the Enterprise Centre at the University of Reading for a 2 month voluntary internship as a Software Developer.

For those who don't know, Conjure work their magic in bringing innovative applications to the mobile market. With a wide ranging portfolio for a variety of clients including Channel 4 and Wired.

The first day we set about putting the office together from Ikea's flatpack furniture. We were quickly invaded with nerf guns from two people from MediaSift, Daniel was expecting us to give him a welcome cake - which didn't seem quite right...

My first front end task was making some adjustments to the Conjure homepage. Next up was creating a microsite for their London Taxi Meter app which can be used to estimate the cost of a taxi trip in London. Now available on iPhone, Windows Phone 7 and their newest addition; Android. After seeing the great design idea I was initially unsure that I'd be able to recreate it.

Using the utilities available to me I intended to make use of as few images as I could to ensure faster page loading and lower throughput use on the hosting server. Following a few tricks and heavily utilising CSS3 I was able to recreate some gradient filled 'bulging' backgrounds to certain areas, where I carefully tried to match the colours to the initial design.

I'm happy with the overall results and it gives me a good sense of accomplishment to see it up and running!