Edit: The dates of submission for these pieces of coursework were: 9th November, 7th December. Results given back 18th March.

So I finally got my coursework grade back, over 14 weeks after I handed it in. The second piece of coursework was based on the first and I got less marks than the first. Other people that I know I had more of the features than got more than me.

Seeing as we didn't get the marks back for the first one before the second one I didn't have any chance to get feedback and improve on it. As a result I'd like to see the actual hard copy as soon as possible. It should at least be considered that the coursework should have some level of error-carried-forwards for it for mistakes from the first coursework.

Not only that but I felt that the lab demonstrator who marked my work was overly harsh. He was under the impression that nobody should get more than 70% overall, and told me this, while proceeding to give me consistently lower marks than the maximum. When I asked as to why I was not getting the full marks available I simply got a "don't know" reply, a level of incompetence I cannot accept considering my university fees are in part going to the £12 an hour he is being paid, without the ability or knowledge required to do the job at hand, as stated by the lecturer in a revision lecture today he felt that the helpers were not up to scratch and called for experienced people to help next year, which I believe I would be able to do as I have been capable and received positive feedback from my methods in C and C++ for the SE1SA5 module.

As such despite aspects of my work being equal if not better than my peers the grade I got did not remotely match theirs. As I still somehow managed to get over 70% the module lecturer was called to evaluate my work further. He went on to a couple more points and ended taking 2 marks away from me, grinning as he did so. I wouldn't mind that. If he bothered to check over the lowered marks I was getting from the demonstrator when it came to marking.

However, this was not the case. The marks that the demonstrator had issued were maintained, due to the fact that the lecturer had signed it off on the bottom. Other peoples mark sheets had two sets of marks, demonstration and lecturer. I only received one for this. As a result I will further contest the mark for this assignment. The total lowered marks are at least 17 bellow what I expect, approximating to 5% of the module grade.

As such I must apologise for my recent rant on twitter about it, but I believe reading this you may see why.

Not remotely happy about the length of time this, and one other module has taken to give results back, still waiting on some from last term, ridiculous!