The Imagine Cup is something I'm taking part in this year. You may have seen my post stating that it was your last chance. What I failed to mention was that although this is the case for the UK regional entries in Software Design and Embedded Development, it is not the case for some other competitions, which are globally run. You can still enter worldwide competitions, including regular quizzes for your chance to get to the Worldwide finals in New York.

So how do you do this?

Head over to and sign up. Simple as that. In fact, there's a quiz today. Why not give it a shot? Even if you don't sign up you can see what it's about, it may even get your "help solve the world's toughest problems" juices flowing!

You can see the UK's site for progression of UK teams at:


My team is getting ready to kick off after our Christmas and New Year break. You can follow us on twitter @Inspiratech and see our website here.