I had an amazing opportunity through being an MSP and @bennuk - Academic Developer Evangelist - to meet with Microsoft's General Manager of Education Strategy, Jon Perera. Me and 5 other technically minded students were given an opportunity to have a round-table meeting with Jon pertaining to the future of Microsoft's worldwide and local education strategy.

It was an incredibly interesting meeting with ideas forming thick and fast throughout, with a general consensus as to where we saw the requirements for the future. Even with such a wide variety of backgrounds, to reach the same conclusion says a lot for education as a whole today. As education is something I have enjoyed and found interesting - be it as a result of my mother being a teacher, through the amazing teachers I've had throughout my educational life or just because of it taking up the majority of my life so far - thinking about the future of education was something I hadn't done much before, as thoughts without actions remain as such. But hearing about this opportunity, being able to make a difference and have actions taken as a result was great. I realise now; how important embracing technology to aid in education has become.

With the vastly accelerating volume of information readily available at anyone with an internet connection's fingertips it is only right that a child can make use of it too. Being a part of a meeting with education strategy in mind was enjoyable for me, but your voice can be heard too. If you have an idea for how Microsoft can engage with students better then pop over to Ben's blog post and leave a comment, or leave a comment here and I'll pass it on. Have your say.