I don't know about you, but I find it difficult to remember my New Years Resolution, let alone keep it. So I think noting it down will be a good way of keeping track, reflecting and possibly spurring some of you on.

This year I'm going to try some self improvement, at least, I'd see it as improvement. Recently I checked out my BMI on the NHS tool. I did this to stop speculating as to what my weight should be and actually find out a hard value. Although many are sceptical about the relevance of BMI to them, I think it's quite relevant to me. So my BMI turned out to be 17. A fair way outside the 'healthy weight' category of 18.5-25 to the point where my indicator was close to the edge of the scale. After playing for a bit I discovered I needed to put on a stone to tip into the 'Healthy weight' section.

It's not as if I don't eat, I do, just I'm not too sure it's the right stuff. I also don't think my non-exercise habit is helping. I don't want this to cost me money, so the gym is out.

So my resolution(s) are the following:

  • Eat better - learn to cook more inspiring foods
  • Blog more regularly
  • Study more
  • Go climbing
  • Exercise daily (3 reps)
    • 10 Push-ups (spiders if I'm feeling adventurous)
    • 10 Sit-ups
    • 10 Flyovers
    • 10 Arm curls
    • 10 Lunges
I'm quite keen on keeping these up throughout the year to see what effect they have. So I'll start as I mean to go on. You'll notice on here whether I'm keeping at least the blog posting one. What're your resolutions?