I was drawn to the existence of Beluga by @Chris_Alexander's review. I thought I'd check it out to see what it was about. It appears to be a new medium of communication, with a little more selected privacy than Twitter and Facebook, where you can broadcast or select one person to send a message to multiple people for it to be a little more private. Beluga overcomes this with the idea of using pods. A pod is private, only invited users can access it, to read or contribute. This means you can create your own private groups to organise, chat, discuss or whatever you feel like. It's in beta, apps are available on iPhone and Android at the moment, BlackBerry is on its way.

I can see this being a simplified version of Google Wave, which means I think it could be used for collaboration - updates, ideas, information, links and the like - as it progresses. It could be used for live feedback sessions or education; Module discussions at uni, group work.

I'm certainly going to be watching how this takes shape. What changes they make, features added. If you think of a feature, they've got open feedback for suggestions and the like - I have a few of my own, just need to put them into words. Give it a shot, be part of the next big thing from the off! We're setting up a Reading pod as I type this, if you want in let me know!