Recently I've been home for Christmas. A time for celebration, eating, drinking and catching up. It took me a while to get into a Christmas-y mood. Not quite sure why. But at least it felt like Christmas just in time for Christmas day.

On Bank Holiday Monday, or 'Boxing Day' if you follow that kind of thing. (Personally I've always seen it as being the day after Christmas Day.) I went to see the latest Harry Potter Film, which, I must say, I found very good entertainment and I'm told it's true to the book. Its been too long since I read the book to know myself. Despite it having been out for quite some time the Cinema was nearly full. Kids and all.

However, little things degraded the experience that I think a cinema trip should be. This video, thanks to @littlespy for drawing my attention to it, should explain a bit:

My beef wasn't with a kid, clearly not near the twelve age 'recommendation', talking during the opening sequence. I doubt very much that he wanted to see the film at that point - eventually he seemed to stop this - my guess is he fell asleep. But it was with the constant rustling throughout the film. I can deal with a bit of it - like if they're fishing some goodies out of their pick'n'mix. But no, crisp packets and who knows what else were the main culprits. One person doing so seemed to cue about three others. Some things I'm sure weren't sold in the Cinema.

So this gave me an idea - rustle-free packaging. I don't imagine it would be too difficult or expensive to produce rustle-free packaging for the confectionery available at the Cinema, which would improve the experience for all.So if you're into that kind of thing, give it a shot, for me.