Hey folks! It's with great pleasure that I can say Inspiratech has acquired a domain and is now live. You can check it out at www.inspiratech.eu. We've had a few meetings to get things sorted and organised. We're not pressing on with our project fast. Thanks to some awesome php by Josh we have it aggregating our RSS feeds so you can find our updates in one place. The slick look is bought to you in no small part by JJenZz and her site onedollartemplates.

This is our first big step towards more the Imagine Cup. In addition to the website; decisions have been made as to which version control and document management system we’ll be using.

For source code management we’ve reached a decision based on accessibility and ease of use - github. It allows for us to have a good trail of who did what changes line by line. Being able to have a local repository allows for us to make small incremental changes locally without frequently pushing source code to the main branch and possibly messing with others.

For our documentation management we've decided to use Huddle. It's a free tool, with options to pay for more features. It allows for you, as a user to sign up and keep track of the various projects that you are working on. It's easy to arrange meetings in this, same, workspace. It allows for discussions to take place without need for immediate action. They seem pretty savvy in the way they conduct their business. One tweet from me and they set about working to solve an issue that same day!

We had a great meeting today where we decided what our project will entail, with a bit more detail than the original vague ideas that we bounced around. However, there is always room for expansion and refinement. We're taking it in our stride now to "imagine a world where technology to help solve some of the world's toughest problems" in the Software Design Competition. This brings with it both extreme motivation and a great challenge. We want to make sure we get this right!