In recent years Microsoft has run a worldwide competition for students called Imagine Cup. It's a great opportunity to turn dreams and ambitions into reality; by creating something that really can change the world.

For me the decision to take part was quick and easy to make. How often is it you are presented with such a great opportunity? I'd been thinking about taking part for a while, be it this year or in the future. It was thanks to a tweet that I took the step towards joining a team in which to work - Inspiratech.

We don't have a logo as yet, but we are registered and will be starting work on the Software Design competition very shortly. This is the first project that I will take part in, which is collaborative. This year at University I will have another number of projects, which are also collaborative. So it will be a steep learning curve, but a good one.

The team consists of Josh Homerston (Blog, Twitter), Dan Parker (Blog, Twitter) and myself. We're looking at embracing some of the latest and soon-to-be latest technologies in order to imagine a world where technology helps solve the world's toughest problems.

I find our project idea very interesting, ambitious and exciting. I really think it's awesome motivation to be helping out charities. I hope to blog my experiences of teamwork, problem solving and tips/resources that I find useful throughout.

Can't wait to get started!