So I'm on my Summer break, there aren't any jobs going to keep me busy or earn me a little extra cash, so I have tried to better my skills and learn some more things which, hopefully, will serve me well for later life. These aren't solely development related, but mainly.

I've been doing a little spot of cooking. Basic dishes like Spaghetti Bolognese and also a not-so-normal Black bean, beansprout and bamboo shoot chicken. Both were quite enjoyable to make (and eat), as I haven't had that much experience with chicken. The only food tech lessons that I've remembered or really had were lessons in how to use a knife, chiefly how to cut an onion - a useful skill I think. I'm hoping that I won't be letting down my house-mates next year with bad dishes. Next things to learn are Cottage Pie and a good Roast Dinner. Cheap and filling meals, hopefully.

My development idea is gradually becoming a reality. Users can now create accounts for my list web app. As far as I am aware it works as I have intended it. Though the UX could do with a little more work.

I was a little concerned about how the data was being transmitted to and from my server. I didn't know if it was encrypted or if users could access other user's data, but it seems as though I have that sorted now. I had a slight issue with how to tell if a user was logged on, but through trial and error I think I have been successful and have prevented other users being able to access another user's list.

As yet there isn't a way to retrieve a password. I don't want to send their current one in plain text as I feel that is bad practice, yet I don't want to generate one and send that as plain text either, so I am unsure how to go about it. Any advice or pointers would be welcome on that!

Going back to Reading in a couple of weeks too. Very much looking forward to that. Even if I do have to learn how to cook quickly!