Thanks to twitter I got hold of a free eBook for jQuery, this got my creative juices going again. To pass the time at home I thought I'd try to make a website, which could be used on a mobile. So firstly I needed a problem to address. After a short while I thought that a shopping list would be a good place to begin to learn some aspects of web development. I had attempted a small amount of php and CSS before, but this time I planned to incorporate some Javascript.

Given that I see programming as, essentially down to syntax once the key skills and concepts have been learnt. Meaning that I would hopefully pick up all that I would need once I began.

Growing up I occasionally heard conversations with regard to the weekly shop about the list being forgotten and left at home or in the car. Not wanting to waste time or money the shopping would be fumbled through with some guesswork and common sense as to what the shopping list had on it. Others may have spent some time on the phone while some items on the list were relayed to them. This made me think. More and more people carry a 3G smart phone. These devices are handy to use on the go, with the web at your fingertips. So to put an end to walking around the supermarket guessing, phoning or getting an ear-full from someone on the phone discussing what they need to get or how it wasn't their fault that they forgot it - I decided I would expand on my 'skills' and produce an interactive web page, which required no refreshing, in order for the user experience to be smooth and easy.

Now, so far this is not a complete site, but has enough functionality for it to be useable; provided that the user doesn't have to reload the web page. I intend to expand upon it with adding a user login, to access their list, which would be stored on a database (updated using php).

Currently I'm not sure on a few things. Mainly: How to implement a login, how secure that would be. But mostly how to update a database in the background, without refreshing the page.

You can try it out here, I hope it's stable enough to use and try out. If you find some bugs I'd appreciate being told.

Also, if anyone would care to link a resource or just say how I could achieve the things I am unsure about, that'd be great!