A fair while ago I saw something on the internet saying that simply downloading a trailer for Red Dead Redemption on my Xbox 360 would give me a chance win 400 MS Points. Turns out it's only the first 5000 downloaders who got that. At the time of entering I thought that it couldn't hurt to try. So the other day I get an email (from Rockstar/GMR Marketing) stating that I'd won. I was quite taken a-back that a) I'd won and b) I'd forgotten about it. So I logged onto Xbox.com to redeem the code. Thinking I'd grab some indie games with them.  But no. I was told the code was invalid. Tried again, thinking I'd made a mistake, same thing. Next I tried on the Xbox, thinking it may be a browser issue or something. Invalid code.

I thought I'd use this opportunity to contact @XboxSupport on twitter to see if they could help out. Within moments I was contacted and asked for a few details. I must say I was impressed by the speed at which they responded in comparison to a recent query I asked @BTCare about. So then I noticed another couple of people had contacted regarding the same issue. The same time the next day I got another email from the company handing out the codes stating that my code had been re-activated. I can only assume that this was down to action from @XboxSupport as I hadn't contacted the company myself regarding the issue. Contacting @XboxSupport was both effortless and quick, along with seemingly productive; I haven't heard from @XboxSupport itself about the resolution. Very impressed. Good customer service Microsoft!