Now. First off, I know that it takes more than one person to have an impact on energy consumption.

Upon reading Nick Gurr's blog post I decided to try out Granola, a power limiting program for Windows and Linux. It adjusts active parts power consumption and adds CPU limitation. It seems to do this all dynamically and adjusts with you as you use your computer more or less. These adjustments aren't immediate but you notice they take place.

It also calculates how much of a saving you would make at this rate for a year or more. Turns out mine is about £20. And around 3 trees. Really worthwhile for the first year paying for electricity. Especially with 5 people in the house. That's a saving of £100. Quite substantial.

I have yet to test it's effect on my laptop's battery life due to an issue I have with the power supply on my laptop. I hear it is very good for Linux based netbooks.

Let me know your projected savings! Would be quite interested to know if you plan on using it too, and your experiences with it.