Well exams are over now. Noise has resumed in halls. Celebration has officially begun. Drinking, music and fire alarms (at 2am no less).

My future house mates asked me to name them on my blog so here goes:
Stephanie Webber, Tom Wilson, Alex Gunyon, Alex Hepburn.

Steph organised a meal out for a group of us at Glo in Reading; at a time when everyone had finished exams so it was a true celebration for all. It was a really hot day and we all decided it would be best to walk down. As ever a little late. But because of the heat it meant rushing to get there on time would have been foolish.

Arriving there we were met with a nice cool restaurant, great food and of course amazing signature cocktails, which I could've done with more despite Pete giving me most of his.

Managed to get an invite to become a VIP there too. Up to 25% off drinks/food. I wonder how soon the card will arrive.