After hearing and reading of how easy and simple android development was I decided to try it out for myself. First things first I thought I would try the good old "Hello World".

Before I start a rant I would like to day that it isn't a fault on Google or any other company's part. Just a bundle of problems that I had experienced during my attempt at Hello World.

First things first I had to download the SDK and set it up, this worked nicely, though at University I used up all the available down-speed in downloading this, which meant I was unable to do anything in the meanwhile for around 20 minutes. Next I downloaded Eclipse, a program I have barely touched in the past, I copied it to the Program Files Folder in Windows 7, which seemed to work fine until I tried to link it to the Android SDK, where I received numerous errors overcoming none. So I moved the Eclipse folder onto the desktop in case it was a permissions issue, which it turned out to be. So next I found myself able to link it to the SDK using the plugin provided by Google.

I then started to follow the online guide for how to create and load the program. This went well, I managed to build the application with no compilation errors, however it did not appear on my virtual device. After taking a break from my increasingly frustrating experience; I spoke to Dan, a fellow student, who I knew had experience in Android development, so asked his advice on the situation. He pointed me in the direction of a webpage describing the situation and a solution, however I was still unable to rectify it. Having had a previous experience where simply starting a new project would somehow fix an issue I tried this. With that I had managed to make Hello World on android. But due to the length of time from start to finish I lost the enthusiasm I had in the beginning. After exams I hope to begin a project of my own and see how that comes along.

Word is also in the air regarding a possible workshop, which I hope to be able to attend and I think will prove very useful.