Well my first exam is over. As it was my first uni exam I didn't particularly know what to expect from invigilation and equipment needs. The issues I had were:
  • An answer sheet was missing for around 45 minutes of the exam, which resulted in me just sitting there twiddling my thumbs until it arrived.
  • The answer booklets have a number of boxes to write the numbers of the questions answered, for me, the number of questions exceeded the number of boxes available. It didn't feel great to ask the invigilator about this, however I felt it necessary considering it was the first exam. I found the solution to write multiple numbers in the boxes, whereas asking another student afterwards I found he had been told to write the section. Hopefully it will be ok.
Altogether I thought it was as pleasant experience as I could expect from an exam. For the first time it was actually possible to leave the exam before the time was up. Such a luxury in comparison to previous exams, however it does pose the question; "Why didn't I use all of the time?".

I think that the future exams will require the remaining time and, at present, I don't know whether leaving the exams early is an option.