Yesterday I got my teeth into some near first-time Web Development. My previous experience was a GCSE website (using frames *shudder*) and styling my no-longer-used MySpace page (css).

I initially doodled the idea of the layout and a brief list of content/features of the site. Tabs featured heavily in the design. So I set out to produce this using CSS and HTML. After browsing I found a few guides of how best to do it, however this wasn't quite right for me as I wanted the tabs to be within a single page, which wouldn't need a complete reload. The way to avoid this was to use PHP in order to set a styling attribute (id) to the 'active tab' with some help from Gary Mardell and Josh Homerston (Twitter: @jhomerston)  I soon managed this.

The site can be viewed here. It may be up, down or altered at any time though! I'm hoping to develop it further after exams.

In order to host the site I used the free SSE hosting service, which allowed me to set up an FTP connection through MS Expression Web 3.

Upon Gary's advice I have set the goal of hand coding each element and style as I feel it gives me more experience and better control over the site.