Whilst using Spotify since it was first released officially in the UK for free, without an invite. I have found many different bands and genres to be to my taste. The ability to just click on an artist that you like and view the entirety of their available catalogue and a small bio about them is only outshone by the 'Related Artists' section. This instantly tells you what other artists sound slightly like the one that you are currently viewing. Using this feature I have found many new artists.
Another interesting feature for discovering new music and artists is the Artist radio feature. This acts much like Last.fm, which I discovered a while ago, and I am on.

I extensively use the playlist feature, however I do not use it to construct a playlist as such. I use it more as a music library than anything else. Like I use WMP on my computer. Generally when I listen to music I'll listen to albums rather than one-off tracks.

I have shared one of my playlists with Pete, another Computer Science Student here at Reading. Some isn't to his taste, but then I don't know many people who have the same taste in music as me, I doubt you do either. I think music is something that is appreciated differently by everyone; it is a way of expressing yourself and it can also help to influence or change my mood. Music can also be very distracting, so when I am working or studying I generally make a little more effort to not listen to the music that I know distracts me.

I thought I would share some of my music tastes with you. I'd be interested to know what you think, not sure many will like it though. I've made two playlists so far:
Possibly Distracting/Aggro Busting

They will update if I change them at some stage. New bands I find will probably vary considerably. Enjoy.