It's fast approaching. We have been set and informed of the work that we have before, during and after the Christmas break.
  1. SE1SC9 - Coursework (10%), Online test (5%)
  2. MA115 - Assessed Homework (10%)
  3. MA116 - Assessed Homework (15%)
  4. SE1SA5 - Programming test (~10%)
Out of those I'm still partially unsure what I will be doing for the Coursework and also what the Programming test will be like. It is a written test. So I would think that it would be pseudo code, finding errors, writing a small set of code and possibly some questions on certain aspects of it.
I must begin to work on the revision of things before going back home over Christmas, so as to settle into working as soon as possible back home. I am hoping to complete the majority of things before leaving for Christmas. We'll see how this plays out.
On a brighter note. I seem to be recovering from my viral infection. Just my rib still hurts - possibly fractured, though not the bone itself but the cartilage surrounding it. Painkillers and proper breaths will be the way forward (having had it before).