Well sadly I have missed a total of 3 lectures in the last two days due to the fact that I have some form of flu. Never had anything quite this bad before; weakness, loss of appetite and worst of all fever. Thankfully one lecture I already understood beforehand so I don't feel as though I missed out on a lot there, however I missed one on binary shifts i.e. division and multiplication.
Thankfully Blackboard is there to help me with that matter. Lecture slides being on that and very explanatory means I can make up for the lost ground there.
Recently bought the Software Engineering textbook. Should be an interesting read I think. Useful throughout my time here too hopefully. Might help me with my planned project of creating and possibly developing a game using XNA, which first I need an idea/story for. I'm thinking space-based RPG. Ideally real time combat... but more likely and probably easier to implement would be turn based much like Final Fantasy. All in 2D graphics to begin with I think. But practicality may show me that its over-ambitious.
Hoping to make my 4 hour stretch of lectures tomorrow morning. But only time will tell for that. As I am right now I doubt I could concentrate that long/that it would be beneficial to my health.
Been bored in my spare time lately. Wondering what else I could do other than Watch on-demand TV or listen to music. Possibly something that will benefit me in my course.
Had a sinus infection and possible bronchitis. Not really doing too well health-wise here.
Edit 2:
Confirmed. Now on antibiotics. Shame that I had to pay. Used to getting prescriptions for free. Heard and felt my rib crack again this morning (again being that I had it happen in secondary school too)