Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Infinity ward seems to have done it again! Over 1.2 Million copies sold in the UK alone on the first day. The estimate is £180M+ of profit for Activision on this title on the first day alone. Being at University without an Xbox I am unable to have an opinion on this game, however, if the first of the Modern Warfare series is anything to go buy it would surely be amazing. Having racked up a shameful number of days play time and ranking on MW1 I think it is probably for the best that I do not have my 360 up here with me with all the temptations and distractions it would bring.
iPhone on Orange
After the exclusivity ending on the O2 network. Orange had sales of over 30,000 handsets on the first day of it being available! The revenue that must have generated for them would be incredible. Sadly though they did not challenge the prices of O2 for the tarrifs, which might have swung me away from my BlackBerry Bold 9000.
These devices have caught my eye lately with the subtle improvements of the Bold and the better sounding Multi-Touch features of the Storm 2. Being halfway through my contract with Orange it is too soon to go dreaming on owning either of these handsets. One thing that recently caught my eye was the OpenGL ES Support on the Storm2 (and maybe more) 3D graphics for games or applications? Yes please. This is one huge way that RIM could possibly compete with something as readily available and consumer oriented as the iPhone.
In my experience with the Bold I found the worst thing to be was the Browser. Slow loading, non-native drawing and some poorly interpreted pages put me onto a new browser 'Bolt'. This browser loads far quicker than the native browser. Being that browsers are one main reason that a person would go for a smart phone over a non-smart phone I think they could much improve this. As it stands now though there are rumours of a new browser being developed by RIM. I look forward to this and the release of the new 5.0 OS by RIM.
Wondering whether I would like to develop an application for BlackBerry at somepoint. As of yet I lack the skills, determination and most of all the idea of an application though. We shall see...