In my Programming module we are learning the C language currently (C++ later this year).

In this blog I hope to display the uses of each concept that we are taught as we are taught it. Hopefully updating with a new program/some code weekly, possibly displaying the output unless it becomes too large.

At this point (28/10/09) I'm unsure as to whether or not I will be able to provide colour syntaxing into my blog.

I am also not confining to standards at the moment. But this may change once we become aware of them or they are introduced in lectures or practicals.

In order to practice the correct methods of programming correctly I intend to show a brief explanation of the process of creating the program before writing the program itself. This is to develop a problem solving outlook to the program. In the future I hope that this will prove useful to my future development projects.

In the problem solving process, however, I would, in a real situation provide pseudo code before writing actual code. At the moment as the programs I am writhing here are relatively simple and will be commented to describe how the code operates I will be omitting this.