I have been at university for over a month now. I think during this time I have been far more motivated to learn than I was when I was back at home in college. The workload hasn't been quite the volume I had come to expect but I think that may be because the lecture cover things in great detail along with the benefit of having done Computing at A' Level. That gave me a good boost into most of the modules I have this year. The Mathematics for Computer Science Module (MA116) seems to be picking up at quite a pace. Already having gone through most of the first year of A' Level's topics and on to some Further Maths, such as imaginary numbers.
I am enjoying Programming (SE1SA5) even more now. It has been filling in the gaps that I had made whilst trying to learn C++ myself along with an explanation as to why they are used. It seems to be a much more practicality based course than the books I had looked at on the language. Soon Structs, Compilation units and files are coming up. Very little of which I have looked at or learnt about before so lectures should grip me more!
Starting to really want to have my Xbox 360 (Eldernas) up here. Since the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 I noticed so many of my friends on it. I think it is for the best that I don't have it here though as I think it would prove to be more of a distraction than anything else and if the workload got heavier it may prove difficult to get the work done to a high enough standard to meet my own satisfaction.
I have still been wondering why the sound of my Bass (Ibanez EDB 400) is so poor. It may have been the battery explosion inside it that had some effect. At University, however, it is fairly irrelevant as I don't have an amp here; out of the two I own I only really like the sound of my Ashdown MAG C210T 300 EvoII Combo. At 35Kg and the size it is, and the power I cannot have it here with me.
May post a blog soon about Hall life here sometime.