A C program to demonstrate the uses of:
Variables (static, external): Integers, Floating point numbers, Characters, Arrays, Character Arrays (strings). Enumerators, printf(); function, Mathematical operations, type casting.
In order to demonstrate the uses and applications of each of these a program, which uses each, should be produced providing output for the user to see.
Without using functions/procedures other than main ();
Initially demonstrate the use of printf(); with 'Hello World'.
Initialise each variable type (so far) with a value and use printf(); to display these values.
Comment each printf(); to show readers what it is used for.
Demonstrate a simple use of Enumerators.
Extensively comment on the code to explain what is happening and when.
You are welcome to download this program's code should you wish to run it.

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C/C++ Program 1
Example Output:

Screenshot of C/C++ Program 1
Screenshot of C/C++ Program 1
Thanks to Shirley Williams for spotting my initial mistake of not casting a conversion correctly.